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Esther Barend: Girls In Paint:

Come-with-me-Esther-BarendDAF favourite Esther Barend has a new series of paintings entitled “Girls in Paint” – a fusion of the female portrait with her well known abstract style.

About Girls in Paint: “Long ago I started as a realistic painter. Then I radically switched from oil to acrylics and at the same time into abstracts. I love painting my abstracts, and I will continue making new abstracts in my own recognizable and hopefully ongoing evolving style. But I always wanted to find a way to amalgamate the two styles, and with the Girls in Paint series I finally succeeded! Since the beginning of mankind our lives are filled with finery to make it more beautiful and interesting, Humans want to distinguish themselves from others by their rituals, clothing, equipment, cars etc… but even in all this apparently we seem more alike than we would like. The abstract parts in my paintings not only represent the finery but can be also compared with the visualisation of a sensation or thoughts.”

A selection of “Girls in Paint” is on show now at Bloom – Creative Industries Art Show in Cologne (Köl) , Germany through November 1, 2011.

Barend currently lives and works in Belgium and is represented by Artishox Gallery and Artishopix in Hasselt Belgium. To see more, visit or her blog at


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