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MAD Magazine Covers, 1952-1955

martedì 28 febbraio 2012
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“How to Make Friends by Telephone” c.1940s

“How to Make Friends by Telephone” c.1940s:

“When my grandparents did some housecleaning a few years ago, they offered me this instructional booklet. I estimate it to be from the 1940’s — it’s from an era when it was still proper to capitalize Telephone, much like the capitalization of Internet today.

“It has scribbles on some of the pages, probably from a relative of mine, maybe my mother when she was learning the etiquette of proper phone usage.”

- Scott Steffens, Contact Sheet

sabato 25 febbraio 2012
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“Pictures from Life In Field And Fen”, 1887

“Pictures from Life In Field And Fen”, 1887:

A Fisherman At Home

At Plough, The End Of The Furrow

A Dame's School

A Misty Morning On The North Sea

A Spring Idyl

A Suffolk Dike

A Winter's Morning

An Autumn Pastoral


Crusoe's Island, River Granta

Going To Market, A Winter Scene

In the Barley-Sele

On Breydon Water, Sea-Fog Coming Up

On Southwold Marshes

Sunrise At Sea

The Faggot Cutters

The Grafter

The Mangold Harvest

The Poacher

The Stickleback Catcher

All images from “Pictures from Life in Field and Fen” by Peter Henry Emerson (1887)

Source The British Library via Europeana

giovedì 23 febbraio 2012
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