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Ecco la collana SKETCHES, arrivata su Amazon, per la prima volta in formato ebook Kindle. Questa  raccolta dei disegni del progetto DrawQuest, é diretta ad un pubblico di tutte le età e specialmente a chi ama  i gatti, le uova o gli schizzi in genere...
Buona lettura!

Here is the new SKETCHES series, landed on Amazon, for the first time in Kindle eBook format. This collection of drawings of the project DrawQuest, is aimed at an audience of all ages and especially for those who love cats, eggs or sketches in general ...

Jack Kirby's KAMANDI

Original page art from Kamandi - The Last Boy on Earth

Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth – Artist’s Edition
by Jack Kirby
2015, 160 pages, 12 x 17 x 1 inches
$100 Buy a copy on IDW



giovedì 2 luglio 2015
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Sir Cristopher Lee, 1922 a 2015

venerdì 12 giugno 2015
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27 Maggio 2015, ore 17:30 palazzo Costa Carrù, via S. Francesco da Paola 17 Torino.
domenica 24 maggio 2015
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Quotidiane Idiozie 3.0



lunedì 4 maggio 2015
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GUERRE STELLARI Episodio VII: Il Risveglio della Forza

MiroModo, mail art

“Dear Friends,
in the deep heart of Turin MiroModo is coming to life. 
MiroModo is an atelier, a free space where decoration, painting, calligraphy, books and words – either written, painted, engraved, or told – will live together. However, above all, it is an “open project”: didactics, labs, factory, experimentation, seminars… MiroModo is a place where different disciplines will converge and complete one another, a crossing spot where people, ideas, art, crafts, will merge and come to a synergy to possibly originate new expressive languages. You are warmly invited to join our trip, participating in a collective exhibition of “Mail Art”, being the central event of the MiroModo seat inauguration. Please send us your postal envelope by the end of April, 2015, to the mail address of the atelier: 
MiroModo Via Bligny, 9 10122 Torino ITALY 
The envelopes can be crafted with any desired technique: calligraphy, drawing, collage, painting, brushing, or any other way will best suits your mood. We are waiting for you for the MiroModovenue inauguration event and the exhibition vernissage. You will receive our invitation largely ahead of time. Please fill in and print this acquittance form, and send it in the envelope, providing us the following information: 
E-mail address 
website and/or phone number(s) 
Used technique (if you like to) 
Thanks to your collaboration, MiroModo will be a newborn with the distinctive character we have envisioned for it: plural, international, open to all the people who practice these activities – like we do – with passion, dedication and commitment. Please accept a free hug, to all and each of you.”  Elena & Sara Pellicoro  MiroModo is on Facebook: 

martedì 17 marzo 2015
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Simone Gallina, fondatore di VISUALITY international, illustratore, grafico, fotografo ed artista multimediale, opera su vari progetti in rete ed off-line. Creatore di brand e websites, autore di una serie titoli su Amazon, lavora attualmente all'estero.

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