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Labors of the Months, 1400s:

January- The Duke's household exchanges New Year gifts - the Duke at right in a blue robe.

“The Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry is a very richly decorated Book of Hours. It was painted sometime between 1412 and 1416 by the Limbourg brothers for their patron Jean, Duc de Berry. Featured here are the Labors of the Months, the section illustrating the various activities undertaken by the Duke’s court and his peasants according to the month of the year.”

- Wikipedia

February- A typical winter's day. Some peasants warm themselves by the fire, another peasant chops wood, and still another goes to market.

March- Sowing the field. In the background is the Château de Lusignan, a residence of Jean de Berry.

April- A young couple exchanging rings. In the background is the Château de Dourdan.

May- Young nobles riding in a procession. In the background is the Hôtel de Neslé, the Duke's Paris residence in Paris.

June- Harvest. In the background is the Palais de la Cité with the Sainte Chapelle clearly identifiable on the right.

July- The shearing of the sheep. In the background is the Palace of Poitiers near Poitiers.

September- The harvest of the grapes. In the background is the Château de Saumur.

August- Falconry, with the Duc's Château d'Étampes in the background.

October- Tilling the field. In the background is the Louvre.

November- The autumn harvest of acorns, on which pigs are feeding.

December- A wild boar hunt. In the background is the Château de Vincennes.

Source: Public Domain Review

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