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Many of the foremost masterpieces of design, art and technology have been created by those very special folks kindly (or unkindly) referred to as geeks, who just can’t seem to help inserting some geekiness into their creations. These 176 examples prove the geek way of design, art and technology is often the great way.

20 Amazing Examples of Art from Obsolete Technology

No society in history has been so focused on consuming and, thanks to the rapid pace of innovation (along with a dash of Planned Obsolescence) we’re discarding our old tech at an equally rapid pace. Not every piece of obsolete tech ends up on the ash heap of history, however, thanks to creative minds who ignore the function and focus on the form. Click Here for more amazing examples of Art Made from Obsolete Technology

Extreme Urban Retro: 10 Creative Steampunk Designs, Modifications and Inventions

Steampunk art and design is a very special subset of geek culture that has succeeded in achieving braod-based appeal among everyday people who are bored with the slick, plastic, plain packaging so much of today’s technology seems to sport. Steampunk steps back… WAY back… to a time when tech was fresh, every part was unique and plastic had yet to replace gleaming brass, burnished copper and carved wood. Click Here for more examples of Creative Steampunk Designs, Modifications and Inventions

Brass Meets Bricks: 20 Steampunk LEGO Creations

‘Scuse me, you got LEGO on my Steampunk… no, you got Steampunk on my LEGO. Heyyy!!… now watch as two great geek obsessions combine to make something a whole lot better than the sum of their plastic parts. Click Here for more examples of Brass Meets Bricks: Steampunk LEGO Creations

Master Blasters: 15 Science Fiction Weapons to Die For

Don’t phase me, bro! Science fiction weapons from friction to phasers pop up (and pop off) in just about every rocket opera around. Forget “we come in peace”, when plying the star lanes it’s best to pack your peacemaker. Have gun, will travel… at the speed of light! Click Here for more examples of Master Blasters: 15 Science Fiction Weapons to Die For

Knitty Gritty: 15 Works of Knit Art and Graffiti

Old-school grannies may have been satisfied with knitting homey samplers and tea cozies but face it – today’s oldsters were the juvenile delinquents of the post-war era. Well, maybe some were… the rest are just too school for school, especially those knit-wits who wield their needles in the pursuit of groovy geek art. Click Here for more Knitty Gritty examples of Knit Art and Graffiti

15 Inspired and Innovative Wallpaper Designs

Getting bored just sitting there, watching the wallpaper peel? Try applying some wallpaper with appeal! Designers can really cut a rug when presented with a canvas as big as an entire wall, and if you think about it, the average room is four-sixths wall. Click Here for more examples of Inspired and Innovative Wallpaper Designs

Redecoration of the Nerds: 15 Geeky Gadgets

While gadgets themselves are inherently geeky, some go the extra parsec to Full Geek-tard. If it’s true that “the bigger the boys, the bigger their toys”, then what can be said about geeky kids dreaming of a brighter, gadget-filled future? Best of all, while designers and engineers seek to satisfy the unique tastes of the growing geek market, regular-type folks like you & me can get our geek on as well. Click Here and witness the Redecoration of the Nerds with more Geeky Gadgets to complicate your life.

19 Gorgeously Geeky Pieces of Gaming Furniture

Game on! As computer & video games have grown in complexity, so has the need to spend more and more time playing them – as have a multiplayer multitude of aches & pains from cramped necks to “Wii Wrist”. Furniture designers can feel your pain, thankfully, and have responded by designing up gaming furniture so cool you may never want to leave their comforts. Time to call in the plumbers! Click Here for more examples of Gorgeously Geeky Pieces of Gaming Furniture

13 of the Geekiest Home Entertainment Centers

Sometimes mere gaming furniture is not enough… or the budget is TOO much. If you’ve got both time and money to spend, then there’s virtually no limit to the level of COOL one can have in their home entertainment centers. Want to watch a Star Trek marathon from the Captain’s chair on a replica Enterprise bridge? Make it so!… and so they have. Click Here for more examples of Geeky Home Entertainment Centers

24 Kooky, Crazy and Creative Clock Designs

Time was, being a clock-watcher used to be a bad thing but not anymore. There’s no need to be ticked off nor be alarmed because these are two dozen clock designs you’re going to want to get your hands on and dial right in – and then go for seconds. Well, enough tick talk, there’s not a minute to spare and these Kooky, Crazy and Creative Clock Designs await your perusal… yours, mine and hours.

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