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Button Tales: Illustrations by Eva Bednářová for Button Tales (Knoflíková Pohádká) by Olga Hejná (Albatross, Prague, 1974)

Eva Bednářová (1937–1986) was a prolific Czech illustrator who won both BIB and IBBY awards (major illustration awards). I haven't found a bio for her in English, but this Czech page includes a bibliography, a photo, and two amazing images (I want whatever books they come from). I stumbled on Knoflíková Pohádká in (of all places) Magus Books in Seattle.
I think just one book featuring Bednářová's work made it into English: Chinese Fairy Tales (Artia 1969, 1970s in English). For the same Artia fairy tale series, she illustrated stories by Perrault and d'Aulnoy in 1978 (cheap French reprint here; will feature it someday) and stories from Tibet in 1974.
With this post I'm reviving a 2009–2010 series of posts featuring my own Czech kids' book collection. I have a whole shelf of them at this point. Expect more Stepan, Hoffmeister, Pacovska, Mates, Lada, Kudlacek, Salamoun, Serych, and Trnka.


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